The Organization shall be known and called


            “Herein called the   “FELLOWSHIP”



            The Motto of the Fellowship shall be

            “Towards the Perfect Man”(Ephesians 4:13a).



            Emblem of the Fellowship shall be “The open bible standing             between a  handshake and two twigs joined to form a letter            “V”, and all on a circularblue background



            Bible (white) stands for the Teachings of Christ

            Handshake (Gold) stands for fellowship

            Twings (Green) stand for young people

            Background (Blue) stands for Love

            …Young people living together in fellowship and love according to the teachings of Christ.



To train and develop individual members in the true doctrine      of Christianity with a view to attaining the standard required       of a true follower of Christ; by making themselves useful not only to the church and community in which they live, but also to the Federal Republic of  Nigeria; by respecting constituted             authorities, so that they may always in their daily lives strive “Towards the Perfect Man” to this end the strategies will be: Strategies  will be:


(a)       WORSHIP:  To provide opportunities for the understanding of, and progress in corporate worship and private prayer.


(b)       THOUGHT: To enable young people to learn individually and collectively the meaning of the Christian faith and its            relevance to the life of their generation; and to practice same in their every day life.


(c)       SERVICE: To lead young people to offer themselves to the      service of God as true members of His Church, and to Humanity through dutiful and honest service in local, national and/or international life and dealings.


(d)       RECREATION: To give due recognition to the importance       of fitness of the body and mind, and to the provision of suit able varied forms of recreation in all Youth Organizations or      Groups.


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